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Make sense of your data with true business intelligence


So many organisations miss opportunities hidden deep in their existing business-critical data. As an experienced business intelligence and data analytics consultancy we combine strong technical capabilities, commercial acumen and deep accounting expertise, to help organisations make intelligent use of their data and drive better commercial outcomes.  

Our flexible suite of data analytics solutions deliver a 360° view spanning finance, accounting, organisational systems and IT. Applying a seamless, integrated approach to BI, we capture, analyse and report on all your critical business data to reveal what hasn’t been seen before, guiding you to the opportunity hidden in the details. From the highest level understanding of the organisation’s planning and reporting requirements to the lowest level at which data is captured in business systems, we deliver business intelligence you can count on.

Cubicus is a certified IBM Business Analytics partner and Chartertech company.

Cubicus Director

Chris Sutton

Founded in 2006, Cubicus – previously Conoscenti - is owned, managed and operated by director Chris Sutton. Originally an end-user of IBM Cognos, Chris’ firsthand experience in the inherent power of business intelligence solutions saw him specialise in implementing these solutions for businesses of all sizes. His unique blend of technical, analytical and accounting skills honed over many years enables Cubicus to work seamlessly with accounting, finance and IT departments, offering analysis and strategic advice right through to the implementation of new processes and systems. 

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