Cloud business intelligence  

Cloud business intelligence gives you the speed, scale, agility and security of the cloud, without the burden of costly on-premises infrastructure and management.

True insights take all your data into account and Cloud-hosted BI makes that data  highly accessible – regardless of device or browser. The ease of deployment coupled with scalability supports your BI solution to scale as your organisation grows too.

At Cubicus we help migrate your BI applications to the cloud and offer ongoing management, as we help lower costs, deploy at speed and improve the end user experience. Ultimately, our cloud-based reporting and business intelligence solutions offer significant advantages over on-premise applications, and prepare your business for what tomorrow will bring.

Cloud BI benefits

  • Intuitive cloud experience.

  • Hybrid cloud – on premises and public cloud solutions.

  • Increased deployment speed.

  • Rapid scaling.

  • Reduced IT management and costs.

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