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Forecasting & budgeting


Accurate and efficient planning and forecasting delivers incredible value to businesses of all sizes.  Yet many organisations continue to struggle with manual, siloed systems and data sources that add unnecessary time and complexity to the process. The time spent wrangling data would be far better spent analysing the data and driving quantifiable business outcomes.

By migrating your business from disconnected spreadsheets and systems to a modern and integrated multi-dimensional model, we help you accurately predict the future. Our approach will bring all data into one single source of truth that underpins financial and operational planning processes across the business – revenue, expense, workforce and capital – with everyone working from a single source of truth.

Cubicus bring a unique mix of deep accounting, finance and analytical knowledge. Combined, these skills offer a direct path from raw data to true business value, creating more effective accounting practices and deeper insight for finance departments.

Forecasting & Budgeting

Forecasting/budgeting solutions

  • Rolling forecasts or quarterly snapshots

  • Driver-based models

  • Integrated Financial and Operational planning

  • Real-time analysis and reporting

  • Integration with your monthly reporting

  • Simplified business participation and contribution

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